Piscataway Clarifiers. Piscataway WWTP, Maryland


This was a challenge involving curved aluminum launders and baffles which wrap the inside of clarifiers in a waste water treatment plant. The launders carry cleaner water which flows off the top of the clarifier while the solids (sludge) sinks down to the bottom.

The job needed to be built in a very volatile aluminum market. The price of aluminum was changing constantly and mills would not hold pricing beyond a few days. In order to get the job done, we had to resolve some key issues such as splice locations in the plates from which we would cut the pieces that were used to build the launders. Key installation details needed to be resolved as these would be installed in existing concrete tanks and the sequence of installation had not been fully confronted in the existing design.

We worked closely with the GC to propose new solutions so material pricing could be locked in and the job delivered on time and in budget.