Structural or Decorative: From Concept to Reality

It’s our goal to bring your structural vision into fruition. Even if your idea contains volatility, uncertainty, complexity or ambiguity – we will transform your project from a concept into reality.

What Do You Need?

Let’s have a conversation about the strengths and weaknesses in your design. Many fabricators will want to run away from VUCA in the design– (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). We embrace these aspects, it’s what we excel at! Where they come into play, we will shine through.

Overall Design Goals

Let’s identify the key factors that you are trying to achieve. By asking the key questions about what you are intending to do, we can help you resolve problems. Are you only looking to lower the cost or solve a budget problem? Or, are you looking for creative and constructive solutions? Cody Builders Supply will help.

3D Modeling/Sketches

If it can be drawn in two dimensions, it can be built! Sometimes drawing it or modeling in three dimensions can save you or your customer time in reviewing proposals. When we create the “money shot” you will have the winning solution that will get buy-in and acceptance from the whole project team.