PROJECT DESCRIPTION For Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties pump station in New Jersey, we had to decipher cryptic design drawings. The intent was to create “Fillets” which are sections of plate arranged like pyramids and baffles to prevent the swirling around of vortexes of water which could affect the performance of the massive […]

RFK Pedestrian Bridge Fence

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This pedestrian bridge fence for the RFK Bridge in New York uses curved, sloped wire mesh which leans inward. We helped the designer, COWI to develop some details of the fence. The challenge was to roll the mesh while sloping it. We had to try different wire mesh types and methods of rolling […]

Tide Gates Gratings

PROJECT DESCRIPTION These are heavy duty gratings that need to handle trucks driving over them. The segments of grating are hard to lift, so they had to be as small as practicable. A design was needed that would allow the grating to lay flat on the asphalt when it was opened so that it wouldn’t […]

Noman Cole ASE Bulkheads

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Heart surgery for a water treatment plant was needed. The customer needed to block off certain water channels in a specific sequence in order to replace equipment in the plant. We developed a strategy and designs for the bulkhead gates needed. PROJECT GALLERY Click to Enlarge PROJECT GALLERY Tap to Enlarge

Brushy Creek WWTP 2023

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Brushy Creek WWTP 2023 in Round Rock Texas had unique challenges for odor control covers. These covers needed to minimize the smells of the sewage in the treatment process. We had to move support beams around a labyrinth of slide gates, stop logs, and bar screens. At Sludge Tank No. 3 we proposed […]

Mountain Tunnel Bulkhead Doors

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Mountain Tunnel supplies water to San Fransisco from the mountain range east of the city. Along the tunnel, new bulkhead doors were needed to access the tunnel. They have to hold back hundreds of thousand pounds of water. The challenge was creating steel welded connections which consumed months of welding time and […]

2nd Avenue 86th Street Subway Vertical Precast and Ceiling Support

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Under rapid schedule, we had to weave together a labyrinth of metals to do many functions. The framework had to support vertical precast panels, support a stainless steel grillework ceiling, and stabilize the fare array gate posts all while weaving around massive HVAC ductwork. The conceptual design drawings we had were but a […]

New York MTA Stairs

PROJECT DESCRIPTION In New York, there are hundreds of stairs constantly being built and maintained for the MTA. The key question in doing these types of jobs is “Who’s on first?” GC’s sometimes try to broadly separate out the “structural steel” from the “Misc. metals”. We need to get in and identify clearly which elements […]

Kennedale Balancing Reservoir Trash Racks

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The concept was rather simple and dirty here. Screens to filter trash out of water flowing through a reservoir. The missing pieces of the puzzle were how to create the grillework of stainless steel in the most economical fashion that would “get ‘er done” (as is our motto here in Texas!) This required […]

Laguardia Airport Terminal B Pedestrian Bridge Misc. Metals

PROJECT DESCRIPTION When Cody was invited to this job, most of the main packages of work had already been bought out. What was remaining were a few elements without which the job couldn’t be completed and some last minute items. In other words, the stuff that was harder to confront in terms of design! The […]